Box-Brownies are for Babies

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. That might be because I don’t make friends with weirdos, but who knows?

I’ve loved making brownies since high school. I would get foil pans with plastic lids from WinCo (just like these) so that I could bake and deliver birthday brownies for friends in the same pan. Kinda cute, huh?

Unfortunately I was not a MasterChef Junior and was not advanced enough to bake brownies from scratch.

The first time I made brownies from scratch was actually when I turned 18. I used Alton Brown’s Cocoa Brownie recipe and have been using it ever since. Here’s a short video of how you make them, mess them up, and then rescue them:

I’m human. I’ve followed this recipe for 10 years and I still messed up. This is what happens when you get old!!

Anyway, I sprinkled some Maldon Sea Salt Flakes on top for visual and gustatory contrast. A light drizzle of caramel would go well with these, too!

If for some odd reason you are able to resist finishing the entire pan in one sitting (or two in the inevitable case that you have to get up to get more milk), it is best to store these in a closed container. It doesn’t have to be tightly sealed, but enough of a covering/seal to keep most of the moisture in. For this reason, I bake them in Pyrex storage containers and then pop the lids on when they are completely cooled. Yes, you can safely bake in Pyrex’s storage containers; you don’t need to get the “bakeware” with the handles. At least I think so. If you can bake in them in a toaster oven, why not a regular oven? ANYWAY.